Our platform helps bridge the gap in providing medical services regardless of the location…
CareClick provides comprehensive affordable family healthcare packages
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CareClick pioneers a whole range of Telemedicine equipment and technologies that provide consultation and support our subscribers all through their entire patient experience including our online medical platform, devices, carts, kiosks and other specialized innovative medical devices.
Our solutions are useful at home, work, primary, rural & tertiary healthcare facilities, hospitals, ships, oil rigs amongst others.
Working with a diverse range of local and international partners, we are delivering first class healthcare to thousands of Nigerians and providing diverse Telehealth services…

How We Care

CareClick Services


Primary & Specialist Care

This is the use of our online platform for audio, live interactive video or use of store & forward transmission of diagnosis


Remote Patient Monitoring

Our patients are able to have their prescriptions sent directly to preffered pharmacies according to location…

CareClick Standard Plan

CareClick standard plan offers professional remote access consultation with any of our general medical practitioners, for individuals and families…

CareClick Premium Plan

CareClick premium plan offers all the benefits of a standard plan including remote access with local & foreign medical specialist. It also offers referral to partner CareClick medical centers…


Medical & Health Information

We provide extensive health tips to our subscribers and they are able to obtain specialized health information and access online discussion groups…


Digital Healthcare Consultancy

Whether it’s learning how virtual care supports your overall organisational HMO strategy, financial performance, employee experience, or market position…

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Getting Started with CareClick

To begin the process of seeing a doctor on the CareClick platform, start by downloading the CareClick mobile app on your phone (available on iOS & android). Once downloaded, launch the app & click the “Signup as patient” link below the login page.

Proceed to the membership subscription page. Select a preffered plan (premium/Standard), and type of subscription (monthly/yearly).

Once a preferred plans has been chosen, proceed with payment using a credit/debit card. On successful payment you will receive the “transaction successful” page,… click the button “proceed to clinic registration“, to commence your registration.

Fill in personal and relevant health records on the registration form, and submit to complete registration. A personalised email/sms notification will be sent to you containing your username/password for login into the clinic. Once these is completed, you can login and book an appointment instantly with any of our online doctors.

After a quick registration process your information is entered into the system. You will then receive directives on how to connect with a physician. You can either set up an appointment at a convenient time or request to be connected to a physician immediately.

CareClick offers comprehensive online services that allow you to connect with licensed Nigerian and international healthcare providers via video or audio at your convenience. An online visit follows all the same guidelines for privacy and care as a traditional in person visit, but with the ease of access not found in scheduling and arriving at a traditional visit.

Our patients are usually connected to their physician within 15 minutes..

Aside patients from our HMO partners, any of our subscribers can also access our platform..

For our special users

CareClick Offers

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