What are the pros and cons of drinking coffee before a workout?

What are the pros and cons of drinking coffee before a workout?

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04-Oct-2021 - 1 min read

For the caffeine boost, many individuals drink coffee before a workout. While consuming coffee before a workout may boost physical performance and mental function, it is not for everyone.


Caffeine has varied effects on different people, and it can have undesirable side effects like anxiety, sleeplessness, and stomach distress.

Caffeine-sensitive individuals may prefer a caffeine-free snack or beverage before working exercise. To avoid a stomachache, some people avoid eating or drinking before working out.


When should you consume coffee before a workout?

The optimal time to take pre-workout coffee is determined by the individual's objectives.

For example, the ISSN recommends that people ingest caffeine 60 minutes before exercising in order to improve physical performance, including muscle endurance and strength.


However, consuming caffeine 30 minutes before exercise improved isokinetic performance.


How much coffee should individuals drink before a workout, and what kind of coffee should they drink?


The amount of caffeine that has consistently proved to improve exercise performance, according to the ISSN, is 3–6 mg per kg of body mass. 



High doses (9 mg per kg) may create unwanted side effects including upset stomach and drowsiness, which aren't necessary for performance enhancement. Although there is little research on lesser dosages of caffeine.


Many individuals appreciate coffee because of its flavor. Individuals seeking the performance benefits of caffeine, on the other hand, can ingest it in any form.


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